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I AM TO ICARUS, AS YOU ARE TO THE SUN | an unrequited skittles mix (with a happy ending)

so, you’re in love with your best friend? and now you’re all, “oh god, what do i do?” because you know, you just know that he’ll never love you back. how could he? why would he? he’s the sun, and you’re just…you’re just icarus, flying in circles, risking it all, just to feel his warmth and get a second glance at him.

(he does love you, though. god, he does—and you’ll never understand, but you can definitely accept it.)

l i s t e n

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hitdalightss said:
Hii,I know this is really random but I was just wondering if you could help me? I'm visiting LA in 2 weeks for 5 days and I really want to try and meet Dylan because he never comes to were I live. I was just wondering if you had any tips or suggestions as to where I should go where Dylan may visit or hang out? it would mean so much if you could help, thank you - Melissa xx

well i don’t live in la and i don’t know dylan, so i’m not sure how to really help you. i don’t know where anyone stars hang out let alone the teen wolf cast.

maybe someone can help you by answering this post?

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Anonymous said:
My headcanon for Stiles' name is Grzegorz. I'm polish and that's the most difficult-to-pronounce, spelled-like-someone-just-threw-up-some-letters name i could think of.

that is a fantastic name and very of close to what my friend had i believe. i love it when people have other names besides genim for stiles. i want something difficult to pronounce for everyone except his mom and dad. like if stiles gets in trouble as a kid his dad yells out “grzegorz alan stilinski!” it’d be awesome

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Anonymous said:
The disease Stiles had was frontotemporal dementia, it shrinks areas of your brain and makes you forget things about yourself and your life- my grandpa's had it for about 7 years now and he doesn't even recognise his wife of 50 years.

first: *big hugs* i’m really sorry to hear that about your grandpa.

second: thank you for naming the disease! i feel bad i couldn’t remember it when it was so important.

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its-masha-bitch said:
Thank you so much:)

you’re welcome! :D

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its-masha-bitch said:
Can you explain me what happened with decease of stiles? He said there's no cure so he could die, but he didn't.

the disease stiles thought he had was one that killed his mom (apparently), however he didn’t have a disease but was possessed by the nogitsune. i can’t remember the name of the disease that stiles thought he had, but i do believe there is no cure for it and it kills slowly.

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